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Learn Skills in Strategy & leadership in Software Engineering

This is our Executive Level course offered by senior industry executives for young and aspiring executives. The course is built on years of training and experiences that is key to the development of upcoming leaders in software engineering. This course is constructed using performance driven principles using strategy and tactical steps to structure, operate, and improve your software engineering department.

The course will walk you through topics on how leading principles were developed and what has been achieved using those principles. This will allow you to apply proven principle to your situation. This course is available only for US based organizations and is an on-site work group style delivery.


Software Engineering for Executives
Software Engineering for Executives

This course focuses on discussion on alignment with the company strategy and building high performance teams. It’s about effective working towards the organization strategy. The course will walk you through real life examples and facilitate discussion on what works and why? This is a real eye opener and you learn from one of the Veteran Industry Leader.

It’s recommended for a group of executives, directors, and managers who are responsible for software engineering

MBO & OKR for Leaders
MBO & OKR for Leaders

This course is about Result-Oriented Approaches to Leadership and Management. The course identifies and develops performance principles and metrics that will serve as a building block for high performance teams. It’s an effective and proven way of using MBO and OKR principles in your daily operations. You will learn: Since Key Results should be aggressive; it is okay to not achieve them all. Getting 60% or 70% might represent good performance. In a company that takes risks there has to be a willingness to let people fail in order to encourage innovation.

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