Cloud Computing

Learn Infrastructure & Cloud Computing

The field of cloud computing is growing fast and in many directions. Our group’s approach is holistic towards cloud and infrastructure migration. We use our own infrastructure and cloud as a tool to train you on tools and techniques needed to support these migrations.

The training program will cover latest trends and technologies developed for cloud computing. It also talks about best practice principles of cloud migration and operations. 


Infrastructure 101

This course will teach you all about an infrastructure that is needed to run an organization. This includes learning about latest trends in the infrastructure and migration towards the cloud.

It’s recommended for people who have studied IT and are starting a new position in infrastructure planning and support.


This course trains you about the essentials of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) planning. The process is complete and lays the ground work for cloud migration. We train you on our proprietary framework and assign you to apply on real world operations.

It’s recommended for people with aspiration to become Infrastructure consultants.


This course teaches you the essential of AWS migration and usage. Its effectiveness is achieved through hands on AWS server management and migration planning. Our approach is utilizing AWS partnership to allow you to pursue a partner learning track and strengthen your learning with real world project experience.

It’s recommended for people who want to work towards AWS consulting.

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