Master Data Management (MDM)

MDM streamlines data sharing between different business systems and facilitate computing in system architectures that contain a variety of platforms and applications. In addition, effective master data management helps make the data used in business intelligence (BI) and analytics applications more trustworthy.

Training Details

Format: Classroom (Max 10 Students)

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120,000 PKR ($500 USD)

Topics Covered

  • Data Governance
    Managing data is a complex undertaking that requires collaboration across the entire organization. Learn the basics of Data Governance and Data Stewardship role as a MDM Manager
  • Sourcing Data
    Learn the basics of collecting data from transactional systems. Best practices for ETL process and database architecture.
  • Data Augmentation
    Once the source data is staged in MDM, learn techniques to clean, match and standardize data
  • Business Views
    Learn to build a single source of trustworthy information by creating business views in your MDM application. This will serve all downstream business intelligence reports
Who Should Enroll

This program is ideal for current and future IT Managers or Chief Data Officers who want to improve their understanding of MDM and emerging concepts for its application in a company. It is designed to help participants develop and communicate data-driven strategies and objectives to senior leadership and organizational stakeholders.

Companies looking to save time and money educating new hires teaching complex MDM strategy.

Note: This program is not about data science, SQL, or building reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

We primarily use Azure Cloud services and Azure Database for PostgreSQL to build MDM. However, we can customize same program using on-premise systems, AWS Cloud and Google Cloud. 

We expect every student to have good SQL knowledge because we will be writing queries against Azure database for PostgreSQL. Additionally, you should know pgAdmin, DBeaver or any SQL client of your choice. We will be using DBeaver Community Edition for teaching this course.

Great question! Our training database is proprietary. We use real-business scenarios not some mockup data. Our students will get a feel of real-world examples of how businesses manage their data.

Yes! At the end of our course we ask students to complete an assessment. We score your understanding of MDM and issue a final certificate. This is to help you build the confidence for your next job interview or promotion.

We are here to teach who are committed to learn. In case you missed a session, we will try to accommodate you in next available class depending on availability. We usually reserve one seat for students missed last session. 


Mustafa Ali
Mustafa Ali

Mustafa is serving as data analytics advisor at IMG Advisors LLC. A Data Analyst and a Cloud Consultant with solid business and technical skills. Has over 25 years of experience working as a data analyst in Sales & Marketing organizations.   

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