Business Intelligence (BI)

Discover insights hidden in your data with Microsoft Power BI to make informed business decisions. Learning Power BI gives you an edge over people who are doing same type of work in Excel or other spreadsheet programs. Our training program helps to transition from Excel to Power BI with ease. 

Topics Covered

Source Data from Anywhere

Learn to import data from a single file to enterprise level databases. Explore the pros and cons of sourcing data from the most commonly used sources.

Data Preparation

It's best to clean and prepare data prior to bringing it in Power BI or any BI tool. Learn the best practices to prepare your source data from small to large scale. This can help you migrate one BI to another in future.

Data Modeling

Learn the best practices to create a high performance data model. Explore the differences between Star Schema and Waterfall design.

Building Dashboards

The reality of report consumers are that they are never satisfied. Any report generates further questions for report writers to create more reports. Learn to create dynamic reports and dashboards that can drill down further to answer the most anticipated questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We use the most popular Microsoft Power BI application. We use the premium license to show all the features and benefits.

We expect every student to have good Data Analytics knowledge. We will be using Power BI tool to teach Business Intelligence strategies.

Great question! Our training database and examples are proprietary. We use real-business scenarios not some mockup data. Our students will get a feel of real-world and understand the difference between how businesses start out with 'simple' BI dashboards and make it complex over time

Yes! At the end of our course we ask students to complete an assessment. We score your understanding of BI application and issue a final certificate. This is to help you build the confidence for your next job interview or promotion.

We are here to teach who are committed to learn. In case you missed a session, we will try to accommodate you in next available class depending on availability. We usually reserve one seat for students missed last session. 


Mustafa Ali
Mustafa Ali

Mustafa is serving as data analytics advisor at IMG Advisors LLC. A Data Analyst and a Cloud Consultant with solid business and technical skills. Has over 25 years of experience working as a data analyst in Sales & Marketing organizations.   

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